Sunday, September 2, 2007
And The Journey Begins
As Sheila Graham once said: "Food is the most primitive form of comfort." This is what I strongly believe in too. Food can definitely heal my soul, make me feel better during tough times and let me continue fighting on.

Well, I love all kinds of foods, and I also love to hunt for good eats, and I adore baking and cooking also.

Food, to me, is a necessity, it gives you energy from the start of the day and keeps you going throughout. It can give you an instant high at good times or make you all groggy at bad.

Having discovered my passion and love for food, I've thus decided to set up this food blog in which I would incorporate all my baking, cooking and eating expeditions right here at this all-in-one blog. Though I've been blogging for many years already, I was inspired by all the other food bloggers to shift away from my previous blog to this.

Why "An Economist Baker" you may think, that's because I'm currently a full-time Economics undergraduate and yet I'm an avid baker, who bakes as and when she likes. It has always been my dream to be able to integrate these two important aspects of my life together, hence the name.

This being my first post, I'd like to say Hi to everyone out there, anyone who might be reading this. Lots of exciting foodies are coming your way, so do keep a lookout! :)
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Name: An Economist Baker
About Me: I'm a full-time Economics undergraduate and an avid baker who bakes as and when I feel like it. It is my dream to integrate these two important aspects of my life together, and I hope to have my own bakery cafe in the future.
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