Tuesday, December 18, 2007
Tong Shui Cafe at Liang Seah Street
Finally managed to meet up with Meifang today after we finished working. We had agreed to head to Bugis for our tea session. We ended up in Tong Shui Cafe, where there are many different sorts of Hong Kong desserts, noodles, fried rice, and even Western flavorings available. We ordered a Fried Rice and Mixed Fruits Toast. I've tried many of their thick toasts like Peanut Butter with Condensed Milk, Durian Toast, Butter and Honey Toast before and this is the first time I tasted their Mixed Fruits Toast. I'd say it's something really different! I especially love the tangy feel it brings, which it had come from the three different fruit toppings on the toast: Kiwi, Strawberry and Mango. The kiwi is sweet yet a little sour, the strawberry too and the mango chunks with puree are sweet and taste splendid to the tastebud. When these three are eaten together with the fluffy toast, it creates a pretty wonderful taste altogether.

I like the Fried Rice too, mainly because the rice didn't make my lips feel oiled as compared to some others I had tried before. The rice is really fragrant and the soup that came with the rice was very yummy though I thought it tasted a little like the soup one would get from eating Hainanese Chicken Rice. My only complaint was that the only piece of luncheon meat that came along was really pathetic. It was sliced so thinly (look at the photo below!) that I felt embarrassed for them. I understand that there is this current rage about the dangerous consumption of canned luncheon meat imported from China and this has thus made luncheon meat really expensive in the market. But being a business operator, they should not reduce the size of that piece of meat, then affecting the taste of the whole dish.

But nonetheless, it was a pretty relaxing meal (as it was a Monday and there was nobody else except for the two of us in the cafe) and I had enjoyed it very much. Here's a shot of the Fried Rice and the super-thin piece of luncheon meat:

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