Wednesday, January 16, 2008
My Perfect Pineapple Tart
I've finally made the perfect Pineapple Tart! (In my own opinion that is.) It melts in the mouth once it is being popped in, there's a fragrant buttery smell and the pineapple paste ain't too sweet. Yums. Here they are:

I really love these tarts to bits. Once I've had one, I can't seem to stop myself from reaching for another! I brought down all the different types of Pineapple Tarts I made to let my Aunties sample taste them. All of them placed orders from me immediately and some even requested me to prepare more samples for them to let their friends try as well.

Oh well, I'm a happy little girl. :)

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008
Pineapple Tarts Frenzy
I'm currently in the quest for the perfect Pineapple Tart. It has to be melt-in-the-mouth, the pastry must have a fragrant buttery smell and the pineapple paste must not be overly sweet. Therefore, I spent a few consecutive days baking these three different versions:

Type 1: Tangerine Style

Type 2: Bengawan Solo Style

Type 3: Open Style

I really like these three types of tarts but I'm still trying to refine them further! I hope the pastry would be even more melt-in-the-mouth! Gotta do more baking tomorrow. Heh! And I can feel my wasitline expanding these days. I pop in several after baking every batch, and that clearly explains why I feel fat. But nothing's going to stop me from enjoying all the nice treats during CNY.

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