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大食家海鲜 Big Eater Seafood Restaurant:
To Go or Not to Go?
I know I've not updated for so long but I just said Bye-Bye to a killer semester and I finally had my last paper this afternoon. That's another story but I don't wish to think about it anymore.

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大食家海鲜 Big Eater Seafood Restaurant
34 Jalan Pari Burong
Picardy Gardens
Tel: 6245 7268

Anyway, the Family went to 大食家海鲜 Big Eater Seafood Restaurant which to my surprise, is located near my alma mater, Anglican High School. We decided to dine there after my sister's recommendation. I was glad my mom made a reservaton for 7pm because when we reached, the place was already fully-packed. At least we did not have to stand around, scouting for seats helplessly.

Some of their signature dishes imprinted on this huge signboard:

There was hardly any walking space:

As it was a Sunday, there were really huge crowds. I had to go up to the counter to retrieve the menu on my own despite having called out for it. It only came a good 10 minutes after and we've already placed our orders by then.

The quite pretty menu with a kampong feel:

The different kinds of crabs they serve:

Some other dishes:

Now, here comes the exasperated part(s) of my dining experience at Big Eater:

1. We went there for their crabs but we were told by the boss that they had ran out of it and he said he'd help us "check it out" and let us know again if there are any available. But oh well, he never came back to inform us and we noticed that there was this particular table that came very much later than us but they managed to order the crabs.

2. We were served the legendary Hokkien Mee only after about 20 minutes of waiting and we cleared the plate in about 10 minutes.

3. And our next dish, Stir-Fried Kailan with Oyster Sauce came only after another 25 minutes.

4. We also ordered the Crispy Rolls, which was served after a good half an hour after the Kailan and by that time, we had (obviously) already finished our rice, solely be eating it with the Kailan. I don't know if this sounds pathetic or what.

5. We had placed an order for the Pork Ribs but that never came until we went to the boss, asking him why we had to wait so long for every dish to be served to our table. He showed us the piece of paper in which he had taken our orders with and we were shocked to see that he did not take down our order for the Pork Ribs. That particular order was emphasized several times by my mom and I had no idea how he even missed that out. I don't know if it was because he wasn't really focused while taking our orders as many more people were pouring in at that time. He was not apologetic for that and simply rushed off by saying that it will be served very quickly. But again, we had to wait for another 20 minutes.

6. The Family was seriously annoyed and unhappy why our dishes were all served so randomly and in intervals of about 20-30 minutes.

It was a really bad dining experience, despite the dishes being delicious. I like the way the dishes were being prepared but I can't stand having dinner like that, eating bits and pieces here and there. It spoilt our dining moods and now, we might not even want to go back again for fear of having dinner in such a disrupted manner.

Besides these complaints, I was quite pleased with the dishes we had.

This was our first dish - Hokkien Mee:

Looks like a plate of brown worms, doesn't it?

I've read many rave reviews on this dish and truly, it did not disappoint me. My dad was in love with the super-crispy pork lard in which they had used in the noodles. This Hokkien Mee is different from the others I've tried in Hokkien restaurants as they use the thick and round Hokkien noodles instead of the usual flat ones. The noodles have a really good texture and bite to it. The sauce comes in a large amount and it is really fragant and tasty.

Here's the very plain-looking Kailan with Oyster Sauce that were stir-fried to just the right texture:

The vegetables were fresh, non-groggy and there is this nice crunch to it.

Here's the Crispy Rolls we all loved:

It's one of their signature dishes and although it looks like a simple dish, just prawns and some fish paste (I think) wrapped with beancurd sheets, these were deep-fried to the exact crispness. The prawns within are really crunchy and it's delicious to dab the rolls in the mayonnaise provided.

And here's another favourite, the soft and succulent Pork Ribs (called 排骨王 or something if I remember correctly):

I liked how I could bite into it easily and I did not have to use all my might to tear the meat apart as the ribs are really soft, yet maintaining a chewiness to it. The sauce coating them was also very delicious, something very distinct and special. It isn't the usual kind of sticky or sweet sauce, but instead, there is only a slight tinge of sweetness to it, hence it did not make us feel sick after eating a few pieces.

After having such positive comments on all of their dishes, I'm now thinking of visiting them again to see if things would be better during off-peak periods. My dad swore off from going to Big Eater as he deems dining there as a "complete waste of time", although the food is good. My mum said she would only return if we specifically request for our dishes not to be served in such a random manner. For my sister, she is already planning which day we should return so as to avoid the horrendous crowds. Oh well, I would most probably head back there again since it's located so near, and I'd definitely make my reservation muuuch earlier.

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  • At May 7, 2008 at 11:56 PM, Blogger brad said…

    hey hey, i send u a email. u got it? drop me a sms of yr hp number, so that easier for me to contact you for the dinner event.

    brad, ladyironchef

  • At May 21, 2008 at 12:45 PM, Blogger Katherine said…

    hey young lady

    good food needs to be waited. i remembered once i had to wait for MORE THAN ONE HOUR for my food to arrive at a very famous tze char restaurant at alexandra road. so long as the food that came is worth the wait, why complain?

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