Wednesday, February 27, 2008
Sweets from Meritus Mandarin Singapore
My daddy brought these back with him just two days ago when he was at the hotel for his business meeting. I was so excited to see this nicely-wrapped box sitting on the dining table when I woke up in the morning:

Look! There are two layers!

The first layer: Assorted Cookies (Well, my dad said he was feeling slightly hungry on his way back home and he couldn't resist the temptation of snacking on a few of the Macadamania Nut Cookies. Well, I tried both the Chocolate-flavored one as well as the plain one. They were not the bestest cookies but they have quite a nice crunch which I enjoyed.

Now's for the second layer! (My preferred layer. Hehe)
There are (cheap) marshmallows, (slightly more expensive) apricots which my mom liked, and two different types of (higher-end) chocolates from one of the Chocolatiers in Singapore.

I like the White Chocolate ball the most. As I bite into one, there's this sudden burst of cherry flavor gushing out. For a moment, I thought they might be champagne truffles but it didn't have the taste of alcohol but the cherry flavor was pretty strong. It added a twist to the sweet white chocolate. Yums.

Well, my day was easily brightened up by this box of sweets my dad brought back. I can get real happy from the littlest things. :)

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