Sunday, March 9, 2008
This is one of my favourite Singaporean Kueh. Some call it Wa Ko Kueh (Steamed Rice Cakes), Mo Ko Kueh, or Smiling Kueh (the one I prefer). My mum always gets the Mo Ko Kueh from Bengawan Solo for me and theirs look slightly different, without the "smiley faces" you see here:

I think my mom bought this from one of the stalls in the nearby wet market and upon seeing them, I smiled widely because of the wide array of colors. My favourites are the Pink and Yellow ones, simply because they are the happy and bright-looking colors. These are simply treats that I'd never get sick of, although they taste slightly plain without the orange-colored sugar. A good Mo Ko Kueh should be soft and fluffy, and most importantly, not sticky. These that my mom had bought were really so soft that I could almost feel them melting in my mouth.

I want to smile as happily as these Smiling Kuehs.


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